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Note: ESNet sponsored collaboration services will end on September 30, 2014. A sponsoring lab will assume responsiblity and payment for your services on Oct 1, 2014.  See the Service Termination Info tab for more details.

The ESnet Collaboration Service (ECS) provides video, audio, and web conferencing services. ECS is provided by the Energy Sciences Network located at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California. ECS is managed and funded by the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science, for the explicit purpose of supporting its scientific research programs.



If you are an Office of Science organization, a Virtual Organization within the DOE or a research institution affiliated with the DOE, you can use ECS.   ECS provides the capability to connect your standards based devices (immersive telepresence, conference room, desktop) to the ECS video conference bridge for small or large HD or SD unclassified multipoint video conference meetings.   You might be familiar with the more common brands of standards based equipment like Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize, or Avaya.  ECS hosts on-demand bridging for you to use so there is no scheduling required and you can connect your standards based video codec at any time with our dynamic dial-in alias configuration.    If you would like to use ECS for your video conferencing needs, simply register and configure as a video conference user and then register your endpoint.   Click on the 'Registration' tab to get started with ECS video conferencing services.



If you are an employee of an Office of Science organization and you need to collaborate with a large number of people sharing content and audio using a web browser, the ECS web conferencing service will be the right solution.   Our web conferncing solution is offered through our partner ReadyTalk.   ReadyTalk offers a conference experience supported from the browser utilizing an intuitive interface with robust in-meeting tools.  You can register to use ReadyTalk by clicking on the 'Registration' tab and submitting the requested information. 





ECS User Survey Results

In February, we asked for your feedback on ECS technology and services. Today, we are sharing the results of the survey with you, along with our analysis of the data and a high level plan targeted to service and technology improvements. Thank you very much for providing feedback. We will continue to seek your input and feedback as  we evolve ECS services and infrastructure.  ECS Customer Survey Results (.doc… Read More »

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